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Rockets and race cars

Rockets and race cars

Why would students at Wanoona High select this subject?

If you are interested in

  • what makes rockets and race cars go
  • designing your own race car
  • solving complex problems through design
  • racing your own design

Then this elective may be for you!

From a career as a mechanic to a career as an astronaut, this subject has something to interest everyone.

Course outline

  • Students learn about different power sources use to propel a range of technologies
  • Students learn about the factors affecting the design of a race vehicle, occupational health, and safety (OHS) in a workshop environment and then apply this knowledge to a Co2 Dragster design project.
  • Students learn to design through computer-aided design sketches, which are then developed into 3D models using styrofoam to finalise their design.
  • Students develop an understanding of the design process through the construction of their own prototype. From the initial design stage through to completion students will gain a deep understanding of the role of various vocations involved in the designing and construction of a project.


  • Group design and research project (30%)
  • Design and develop a co2 race car (40%)
  • Design folio documenting all stages of the practical project (30%) 

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