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Year 10

Year 10 builds upon students' literary skills to further enable them to achieve their full potential in Years 11 and 12, and refines their ability to communicate and contribute in the outside world.  Through the deconstruction of texts, students are enlightened to how composers create a range of texts and these skills can then be applied when composing their own work.

Term 1 begins with the exploration of the concept of 'conflict'. Students initially focus on a class text Before they are expected to select their own related texts to connect with the central concepts of this unit. ALARM templates help guide and support students to extend their critical evaluation of texts.

In Term 2 students are given the opportunity to study the horror genre, with a close focus on Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho. Students look at how film techniques are used to build suspense within film.

Shakespeare is revisited in Term 3 and students are able to further explore figurative language and concerns about the human condition in preparation for Senior English. The final term focuses on narrative writing, with students given the opportunity to develop their figurative language skills through the composition of their own texts using a variety of software on their laptops.

A highlight of this course is the study of Youth Culture, in which students explore the ways in which they are portrayed through the media, how this impacts on the public image of youth and the perception youth have of themselves.