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Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8)

Stage 4 History

History in years 7 and 8 is fun and exciting. Students learn about the development of ancient and medieval civilisations and societies, including Ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Vikings, and Japan. Students are also introduced to the nature of history and the methods used by historians to investigate the past. Students use primary and secondary sources to gather evidence, answer questions about the past and to understand historical and heritage issues. A number of activities are also included to allow students to demonstrate and develop their information and communication technology (ICT) skills, for example, prezis, electronic storyboards, travel brochures, newspaper articles, and power-point presentations. Students are provided regular opportunities to develop essential literacy, communication and teamwork skills and demonstrate their creative abilities through the completion of activities such as board games, re-enactments, posters, historical investigations and research reports. A list of possible topics studied is listed below

Year 7: The Ancient World

  • Depth Study #1: Investigating the Ancient Past
  • Depth Study #2: Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome
  • Depth Study #3: Ancient China

Year 8: The Ancient to the Modern World

  • Depth Study #1: The Vikings OR Medieval Europe
  • Depth Study #2: Angkor/Khmer Empire OR Japan under the Shoguns
  • Depth Study #3: Mongol Expansion OR Black Death OR Spanish Conquest of the Americas OR Aboriginal and indigenous Peoples, Colonisation and Contact History

Stage 4 Geography

Stage 4 Geography is an interesting and rich subject that aims to stimulate students' enjoyment of and interaction in physical and human environments. Students are provided with opportunities to develop geographic knowledge and skills, including gathering, organising, evaluating and communicating geographical information from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including fieldwork. Students also develop their ICT skills through the completion of class and homework tasks using Microsoft Office applications, electronic diagrams, travel brochures, posters, and environmental research reports.

Topics currently studied throughout stage 4 include

  • Investigating the World
  • Global Environments
  • Global Change
  • Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship