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Year 7

Year 7's introduction to High School English begins with a transition unit which has been developed in collaboration with our feeder primary schools. This transition unit is focused on the concept 'Through My Window'.

Teachers, in collaboration with local primary schools, have designed exciting and varied activities that explore both fiction and non-fiction texts, taking students on journeys to real and imagined worlds. Students will respond to and compose a range of tasks by making connections with their own world and other cultures. This includes an investigation of texts such as Where Children Sleep, Mirror by Jeannie Baker, and the Humans of New York online blog.

Students will create their own narratives which demonstrate their own 'window' on their world and write a reflection statement in which they analyse how they have used visual techniques to represent their ideas. In Term 1 students will be revealing their work at our Community of Schools showcase night.

The Year 7 program immerses students in a variety of texts types through intensive studies in poetry, film, novel, and media. Students have the opportunity to develop public speaking and debating skills and to represent the school in a range of outside competitions. A unique feature of Year 7 English studies is Play Day. Every student in the year is provided with the opportunity to workshop, improvise and present polished drama performances before their peers. Additionally, Play Day gives students experience in other aspects of theatre such as lighting, music, technology, make-up, costume, and set and prop design. Students consider it one of the highlights of the year.

Woonona High School's Year 7 program aims to engage students in the study of English whilst recognising individual needs and providing enrichment and extension.