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Surfing Program

Woonona High Students Remain Interested in Getting up Early and Getting Wet.

More students tried to get up to go surfing on the first "Surfing Before School" morning than actually made it, but many have indicated they will try again in the second week. Two of the "definite starters" for the second week are girls and I will bet my house on it that they will be regular starters from here on in. It was great to see the enthusiasm of many transformed into action on the first day. Huey also came to the party by providing some great waves.

After the heat went out of the early morning swimming squad with the cold weather some Year 9 boys showed great interest in starting up a morning surfing group so we gave it a go. It is a great chance to promote morning exercise to our students and already the idea is already morphing in new directions. Current suggestions include; a floating set day so to allow surfing to take place on the best surf forecast day of the week and to incorporate a morning joggers group to take place at the same time. Watch this space!