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Design and Technology

Design and Technology Stage 6

Design and Technology is offered as an elective in Years 11 and 12 at Woonona High School. The course provides students with the opportunity to study the design process and explore factors which effect design. The course is very practical in nature and students develop skills in designing, creating, project management, communication, and marketing using a range of materials including textiles, plastics wood, metal and information, and communication applications.

In Year 12 students are required to design and manufacture a major design project to demonstrate their proficiency of skills in developing a major project from design concept to reality. The major project and its accompanying portfolio are worth 60% of the student's HSC mark. This component of the course is marked by external markers. Work towards the Major Project begins at the commencement of the HSC course.

The remaining 40% of the assessment is based on an external HSC examination.

Main topics covered in course include

  • Designing and producing
  • Factors effecting design
  • Environmental and social issues
  • Project analysis
  • Communication methods
  • Design of two design projects
  • Major Design Project and Folio
  • Innovation and emerging technologies.

Course requirements

  • student workbook
  • folder/folio for design work and presentation of major project
  • Purchase of materials for major project in term 4 of the course.


  • for Year 11 is $40
  • for Year 12 is $40 plus cost of materials required for major project.