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Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is an integrated area of study that provides for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It involves students learning about and practising ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles and improving their health status. It is also concerned with social and scientific understandings about movement, which lead to enhanced movement potential and appreciation of movement in their lives. 
Young people are growing up in a world of rapid change. Expanding technologies, new social structures, shifting community values and emerging environmental issues are complex interrelated factors that affect the way individuals live their lives. At a time when there is tremendous opportunity for good health, there are numerous conflicting influences on lifestyle. 
It should be a goal of every individual to lead a fulfilled life that is active and healthy. Furthermore, it is desirable to be a part of a society that promotes this as a key-value and supports its members in leading healthy lifestyles.

Continuum of learning for PDHPE students


The aim of PDHPE at Stage 6 is to develop in each student a capacity to think critically about key issues related to health and physical activity in order to make informed decisions that support and contribute to healthy, active lifestyles and communities.


Through the study of PDHPE, students will develop

  • Values and attitudes that promote healthy and active lifestyles and communities
  • Knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect health 
  • A capacity to exercise influence over personal and community health outcomes 
  • Knowledge and understanding about the way the body moves 
  • An ability to take action to improve participation and performance in physical activity 
  • An ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, research, and analysis


Preliminary course

Core strands (60% total) 

  • Better health for individuals (30%)
  • The body in motion (30%)

Options (40% total)

Select two of the following options

  • First aid (20%)
  • Composition and performance (20%)
  • Fitness choices (20%)
  • Outdoor recreation (20%)


HSC course

Core strands (60% total)

  • Health priorities in Australia (30%)
  • Factors affecting performance (30%)

Options (40% total)

Select two of the following options

  • The health of young people (20%)
  • Sport and physical activity in Australian society (20%)
  • Sports medicine (20%)
  • Improving performance (20%)
  • Equity and health (20%)


The PDHPE syllabus is provided by the department of education and can be downloaded by clicking one of the following links