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Exploring early childhood

Exploring Early Childhood is a board endorsed course. There is no external examination for board endorsed courses. Assessment is school-based. All board endorsed courses count towards the Higher School Certificate and appear on the student's record of achievement. However, board endorsed courses do not count in the calculation of the Universities Admission Index (ATAR)

Course content

Our society is increasingly recognising children's experiences in the early childhood years as the foundation for future growth, development, and learning. This course explores issues within an early childhood context and considers these in relation to the students themselves, their family and the community.

The study of this course will enable students to

  • develop an awareness and understanding of the growth, development, and learning of young children and the importance of the early childhood years
  • recognise the uniqueness of all children, including those who have special needs
  • become aware of the value of play in the lives of children, and consider means of providing safe and challenging environments for play
  • identify the range of services developed and provided for young children and their families
  • consider the role of family and community in the growth, development, and learning of young children
  • reflect upon potential implications for themselves as adults, in relation to young children
  • understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures within Australia and the ways in which this influences children and families.