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Learn to Learn

Woonona High School, in partnership with ‘Schools Plus,' has developed an exciting new program called ‘Learn to Learn'. This focuses on teaching students how to develop the skills to become effective life-long learners.  

Students will be engaged in an innovative program within the Flexible Learning Space, which allows them to develop skills in critical thinking, creativity and design. The program uses C21st pedagogy such as project-based-learning, collaboration and creativity. The school will be encouraging our students to explore and pursue possibilities as 21st Century learners and active global citizens.

This program teaches students key concepts around metacognition and brain science. Teachers help students to set goals and facilitate regular reflection and collection of evidence in line with their goals.

To build a learning community that values and invests in life long learning, parents will be engaged in a series of structured meetings and workshops to collaboratively set individualised goals around the learning of year 7 students. This will help parents to effectively support their children's education.

In 2018 Year 8 students have the opportunity to build upon and consolidate their learning and understanding of 12st Century skills. Students will be creating a digital portfolio of their work across the curriculum and reflecting on how their work demonstrates ‘soft skills' such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. This will enable them to more effectively transfer these skills across different subject areas.

The ‘Learn to Learn' program develops students' skills in organisation, goal-setting, self-reflection and collaboration that will equip them to become successful learners. These will help students achieve their personal best throughout their high school years and into their future careers.