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Textiles Stage 5

Students may elect to study Textiles Technology in Years 9 and 10 at Woonona High School. The course is suitable for both genders and caters for all levels of ability. Students do not need to have any previous experience in Textiles to elect this course.

Throughout the two years of study, students will study fibers, fabrics, and design related to the textile industry. The course provides the opportunity for students to learn skills related to

  • Fashion design and textile construction
  • Properties and performance of textiles
  • Textiles and society.

Students will use a variety of ICT to communicate ideas and to assist them in activities such as researching, evaluating and communicating issues and ideas relating to textiles.

Students studying Textiles will complete at least four units of from the following focus areas: apparel, furnishings, costume, textile arts and non-apparel. Students will complete a practical textile item for each unit of work studied. Students will also gain skills in designing and developing portfolios which will accompany each textile item produced.

This course provides the opportunity for students to learn skills relating to design and to a variety of textile construction techniques including pattern making. Examples of practical activities include

  • The design and construction of a bag
  • A knitted scarf
  • Design and construction of a soft toy
  • Construction of apparel
  • Design and construction of a cushion.

Course requirements

 Students must wear enclosed leather shoes to meet occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements to access Textiles rooms.


  • for Year 9 is $30
  • for Year 10 is $30