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Library catalogue


Library Catalogue Search Engine         

On any computer around the world, at  home or  school by simply go to your DEC STUDENT PORTAL  via the Internet and under SEARCH SITES on the left-hand side there is a link called "My School Library - Oliver ." This will take you to Woonona High Library.


Tips for searching the catalogue

Fiction & Non-fiction Book Resources

1. Decide what you to Search for (Search Term) eg. dogs.

2. Choose Keywords, Title, Names, Subject or Series Tab and type in your search term eg. Subject or Series. 

3. From the list select the result closest to your search term eg. Dogs - Fiction

4. From the list of titles, choose the one you want eg. Red Dog.

5. To find your resource you will need to record the Dewey Number eg. F SAH

6. Go and find your resource on the appropriate shelf.

All fiction is located on the left as you enter the library and Non-Fiction at the back of the library. 

If you cannot find the resource you are looking for then you may need to re-think your search term and/or search under a different tab.  


eBooks are classified in the catalogue as Electronic Resources indicated by an image of a disc. These resources are located online and are sorted according to the Dewey System. To access them click on the link.   

Magazines are classified as such in the catalogue indicated by an image of a book. These are sorted by title and located on the shelf near the photocopier.